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My goal is for both my clients and i to be satisfied. Because of this, it is important that you like my work. I invite you to get to know my work. Study it carefully to find out if my style is right for you. It is important to understand that I plan generally guided by your desire, but i define the details and specifics on the spot to create a unique work with a sense of spontaneity, and that flatters the client's anatomy. I work mostly freehand, which means I draw on the body using markers before committing the tattooed design. My work is detailed or loose as required.


It is crucial that the client has absolute trust in the tattoo artist to create a piece and an experience that flows naturally.


Translating the ideas of my clients to a visual image takes time and effort. This is why I choose the clients that are most

aligned with my vision of tattooing. In

this way I make sure to finish a

piece of Excellent quality in a

reasonable amount of time.

Susana Stump +52 1 442 255 2960

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