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A giclée is a copy of an original artwork printed on a high quality paper.

Each series is limited and every print is signed, numbered and stamped by the artist. 



Still life painting emerged in the XVI century and remains a distinct and respected art form to this day. The artist arranges objects to compose a picture showcasing beatiful shapes, textures and colors, making it widely popular among both artists and collectors.



Landscape painting is so much more than a beautiful view. Through light and color the artist designs the landscape to evoke a certain feeling or mood, helping the viewer experience being there.



Every face tells a story. A great portrait not only captures the likeness of the sitter but also studies their character and mood. This combined with the artist's personal style and sensibility, truly brings out the qualities that make each of us unique.



We often use our bodies to express ourselves more than we use verbal language. The subtle and fluent motions of our body are an immediate and visceral way to communicate emotional narrative, making the human figure a deeply expressive subject matter.